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1. Summary of the general rental conditions (*)

  • Minimum age - 18 years.
  • EEC driving licence / International driving licence.
  • Valid identity document.
  • Proof of address (less than 6 months old).
  • Rental minimum of 24 consecutive hours.
  • Additional hours billed at 20% of the daily price.
  • (*) Terms and conditions available in branches.

2. Price includes

  • Unlimited mileage.
  • General maintenance of the vehicle (by us only).
  • Return in case of mechanical breakdown to the point of hire (by us only).
  • The liability and comprehensive insurance coverage under the conditions below.

3. The price does not include

  • Fuel.
  • Possible costs for delivery or return to a different point than the collection point (ask us for more information).
  • Towing charges in case of theft, accident or vehicle breakdown (fuel, loss of keys, reprogramming of key caused by flat battery due to driver forgetfulness – failing to switch off the lights) whereby the driver is responsible.
  • Traffic violations recorded during the rental period.

4. Baby seat and booster

  • Free provision of a "baby car seat" for the entire rental period (subject to availability in branches)
  • Free provision of a "baby booster" for the entire rental period (subject to availability in branches)

5. Return of vehicle

The agreed vehicle return date on the contract cannot be extended without the prior consent of Multiauto

The vehicle insurance will be suspended and the lessee will be liable to immediate prosecution in if the lessee exceeds this date without prior consent of Mulitauto.

In case of accident during late return, the lessee will be responsible for all damage incurred.

Finally, in the case where the vehicle is returned to our branch with the prior consent of the lessor and outside of operational hours, the lessee remains responsible for the vehicle until the office opening hours

6. Rental expenses - Early returns

No refund is possible in case of early return of a class "A" advertised vehicle (reservations are not refundable or changeable without the agreement of Multiauto).

For early returns of other categories, reimbursement is possible after readjustment of rates if necessary (promo) and will be billed a full rental day for the costs of early return.

7. Payment and Deposit

While processing your rental application, you will be asked to pay the rental amount.

A credit card deposit corresponding to the selected excess will also be required in case of vehicle damage for which you are at fault or in the event there are no identified third parties.

We only accept credit card payment (except American Express), cheques, travellers’ cheques and cash.

For other means of payment, please contact us beforehand.

8. Insurance

The insurance included in this price guarantees the lessee for any damage caused to third parties for an unlimited amount.

Theft, fire, windscreen breakage and damage to the vehicle are also covered during the rental period of the lease.

If the accident is the lessee’s fault, the contract will automatically be terminated without reimbursement.

9. Not covered by insurance

The following is always the responsibility of the lessee, even if the lessee selected the excess buyback option:

  • Interior damage to the vehicle including blemishes on the upholstery.
  • The tyres.
  • General objects or transported goods.
  • The dilapidation of the upper parts of the vehicle.
  • The loss or theft of equipment such as radio, antenna, windshield wipers, spare wheel, mirrors, interior equipment.
  • Damage to the vehicle in case of theft, civil unrest or riots.
  • The towing of the vehicle in the event of breakdown whereby driver is responsible (see above).

10. Additional Insurance Option "Partial excess buyback"

This option can only be concluded at the time of renting the vehicle and not during the rental contract period.

Upon payment of an additional daily rental, this option allows reducing the excess laid down in the contract to € 400 (or € 600 depending on category) in case of damage where driver is at fault.

Even if this option was selected, the damage or damage listed above (point 9) remains entirely the responsibility of the lessee and the entire deposit (excess) in the case of theft of the vehicle or fire.

11. Full terms and conditions

They can be found in our branch and are also attached to each lease agreement.

The price should be considered as an indication and can be changed at any moment and WITHOUT ANY PRIOR NOTICE. Our branch is at your disposal for any further information.